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Container Terminal Logistics (CTL) – is the top depot services provider in Jordan. CTL aims to further develop the logistics industry by providing new services to the market. Located in multiple strategic locations amongst Aqaba and Amman, CTL is considered as a vital gateway to international trade flow from and into Jordan.

Equipped with high level of safety standards, high-end infrastructure and experienced team that is well versed in customers' needs through the different industries, CTL is the ideal logistics solution to the shipping lines, freight forwarders and consignees.

CTL is the first Inland Container Depot (ICD) in Jordan with two fully operating locations, one in Amman the capital city of Jordan and the second one is in Aqaba 400 M to Aqaba Container Terminal, which is the main gateway to Jordan for containerized cargo.
With its miscellaneous facilities, CTL represents a one stop shop for customers where they can find an extensive range of services.

The purpose of this proposal is to introduce Container Terminal Logistics (CTL), with general background, overview, and to clarify the major reasons that drives CTL to start such business support in Aqaba and Amman providing logistics services to the leader of the highly profile shipping lines.

Letter from the Executive Director

The journey of CTL has started in the beginning of the year 2020.

Time has proved that long term goals with focus, patience, hard work and determination shall lead to big success. Now CTL has become the only depot that is capable to store and handle almost all shipping lines empty containers. Now our yard has become a focal point where all containers shall pass through it, whether we are storing it or we are doing maintenance to it or it is just there for paper issuance and processing.

Not only yard space that helped, also the continuous upgrade for work procedures, deals and cooperation, high safety precautions, in addition to the continuous follow ups and prompt responses to the market demand, facilitating long procedures into a short phone call or e-mail.

CTL is the land of service, it has been our belief that with great minds, strong team, 24/7 offered services, and a space to store, we will be able to handle client’s demands, demolishing all obstacles or setbacks that they could face through the empty container continuous journey from the south to the north of Jordan and vise verse.

CTL now is investing all its powers to handle the monitoring, supervision, and traffic of the container since the time it gets empty till its return to its mother ship. Through all this way, we have studied the best practice solutions to make life easier on all stakeholders of this container, this has created a smooth workflow and coordination amongst teams of CTL and its partners.

For this CTL has become the preferable solution to handle empty containers in Jordan, and now we're aiming to be responsible for similar empty containers journeys internationally.

We look forward to serving you the best.


Who We Are

Container Terminal Logistics (CTL) is a leading end-to-end logistics services company providing professional logistics services. CTL has provided a very wide variety of quality services and solutions supported by its marketing and extensive logistics services since its formation in Jordan in 2019.

Having worked with various clients on different projects, the company has established for itself a reputation for quality workmanship, flexibility, and timely completion of projects to the highest standards. A turnkey design and development capability, the company offers services from concept through to commissioning.

CTL’s fully Integrated Management Systems, ensure full compliance with building, health, and safety regulations, as well as sound environmental and energy management procedures.

Extensive enterprise resources and a highly skilled and dedicated team of qualified and experienced managers, foremen and skilled technicians, means that CTL has the necessary infrastructure, technical expertise, and the experience to handle contracts of any magnitude in all disciplines.

Our expertise has made us market leader in providing technical and support services to the private and public sectors. With the experience and support of a dedicated, professional workforce, our performance-based services, combined with our expert knowledge, processes and systems, help customers achieve optimum asset performance.

Vision & Mission

CTL Vision
To maintain our unique pioneer leadership in the logistics field by creating a healthy and distinguish logistics lifestyle for empty containers’ traffic in Jordan and the neighboring countries for all shipping lines and their clients.

CT Mission
The purpose of CTL existence is to provide full logistics solutions for empty containers by continuously upgrading the right systems integrated with both local related corporates’ and governmental systems.
And through a powerful support team that inducts all the needed trucking, loading, discharging, demurrage collection, storage, lashing, stuffing, pre-trip inspections plus general and focused maintenance.
As well as minimizing the cost on the shipping lines and consequently on their agents, which is directly reflected on the economy of Jordan and the export procedures.



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Container Size
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